Saturday, January 5, 2013

'Baby Steps' by TaeTiSeo

Hello everyone, how did your first week of the new year 2013 go for you?

I hope all is well and may this new year be a promising and fulfilling one for each and every one of you who stumbles upon this site.

I've been wanting to record and share 'Baby Steps' with everyone since I had it arranged and transcribed at least 4 months ago (after my cover of T-ara's 'Day by Day'). It's been a long time and I finally had the chance to do it, on New Year's Day, since I didn't have to go to work.

I'm a SONE, a proud one, and I hope that you'd show your love and support toward their comeback. Either way, I'd still appreciate you reading and/or watching my video.

Thank you for dropping by. For requests, you may send me an e-mail at but due to time constraint, I won't be able to reply immediately. Lately, I reply on weekly basis. I get over a hundred of e-mails weekly, not to mention those that landed in the Junk Folder. That, I extend my apologies.

Here's to wishing everyone all the very best in everything that you do.