Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hi guys, I did some editings to this site because I realized that my site column is getting too lengthy and that many have to scroll all the way down to get their download links - this then defeats the purpose of me hosting this site because people tend to overlook/miss the links.

From today onwards, please refer to this column for updates on piano sheets, as well as important announcements (if applicable).


To start the ball rolling,
- Taeyang's "Wedding Dress" can be found under Big Bang.
- Kim Bum's (BOF) "I'm Going To Meet Her Now" can be found under Boys Over Flowers OST. [thanks to smrr00]

Follow up on these links for more piano sheets:
- K-Pop Piano Sheets
- K-Pop OST Piano Sheets
- K-Pop [RH] Piano Sheets
- Yiruma Piano Sheets

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