Saturday, April 3, 2010


I apologize for the slow updates. I have the sheets beforehand but had no time to update you guys on them. I've been busy working on my rendition of "Eenie Meenie", a collaboration between Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston.

K-Pop Piano Sheets update(s):

- Going to the Hospital [Davichi]
- Is Love Foolish? [Davichi]
- Spread Its Wings [f(x)]
- After Love [FT Island]
- Bing Bing Bing [FT Island]
- Lovesick [FT Island]
- Run Devil Run [GIrls' Generation , SNSD]
- Music Time [Lee Seung Gi]
- Smile Boy [Lee Seung Gi]
- We Fell In Love [We Got Married S2, Jo Kwon & Ga In] (I <3 this song)
- Insomnia [Wheesung - similar to the one you see under "Craig David"]

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