Sunday, August 22, 2010

Updates (K-Drama OST and K-Pop)

Cinderella's Sister OST:
- Title

Dong Yi OST:
- Walk in a Dreamy Road (by Jang Na Ra)

Witch Yoo Hee OST:
- If (by Jeon Hye Bin)
- My Love, Come To Me (by Ashily)

TVXQ [K-Pop & J-Pop]:
- Daymoon
- Footsteps
- Show Me Your Love (with Super Junior)
- Thousand Year Love Song
- Unforgettable

- Purple Line
- Shine

MC Mong:
- Circus
- Bubble Love (ft. Seo In Young)

- Goodbye Tears
- I Must be a Fool
- If It's Like This

Jang Na Ra:
- Confession
- Is It True
- Perhaps Love
- Sweet Dream
- Walk in a Dreamy Road

- Things I Want to Do If I Have a Lover (with Rain)

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