Saturday, October 2, 2010

Incomplete Transcription: Fox Rain (Link Corrected)

Click here to download page 1 and click here to download its midi file.

I know I've been working on it for quite some time now but unable to complete the full song. I'll try to figure out the rest.


  1. Hey! ^^
    Could you perhaps put up the right file? If I download it now, I get the 'A friend's confession' midi file.

    But I already really like page 1! (I heard the midi file :D) So thank you for transcribing!~

  2. @Anonymous: Oh hey, sorry about that. I thought I copied and pasted the link correctly. Thanks for informing me. No one actually did before this. I appreciate it. :D

  3. wow thanks a lot! i hope u will finish the whole song soon :D

  4. I played first page and love it XDDD can't wait for the rest :] Thank you for your hard work :].

  5. hey i dunno if you can transcribe this
    but this guy has fox rain on piano with the notes being shown when played

    is there a way you can finish fox rain
    i am looking forward to it everyday, thought i could help out a little!

  6. i like ur version a lot more than the other versions. plz continue urs!