Sunday, October 31, 2010


K-Pop Section has been updated with:
Kim Woo Joo - I Love You
Sung Si Kyung & IU - It's You

K-Drama/Movie Section has been updated with:
A Spring Day OST
Dae Mul OST

International Sections have been updated with:
David Guetta - Baby When the Light
Miley Cyrus - Every Rose has Its Thorn
Taylor Swift - Speak Now

Note: I read all your requests. Here's how things work, if I can find what you requested for, you'll see them on this website. Otherwise, it'll only mean that I can't find them (free version).

*I've been looking for the following sheets (in particular) but to no avail:
- Kyuhyun (Hope is a Dream that doesn't Sleep)
- SHINee (Hello)
- Super Junior (No Other)
- Personal Taste OST esp. 4minute (Creating/Making Love)
- Prosecutor Princess OST
- Snow Queen OST

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