Friday, January 7, 2011

Updates (K-Pop)

I'm back with updates! Sorry it took kinda long. I'm back to being busy with school work.
Thanks to those who gave me tip-offs. :)

2PM - I'll be Back
4Men - Here I am [Secret Garden OST]
Baek Ji Young - That Woman [Secret Garden OST]
FT. Island - Missing You, She doesn't Know
IU - Good Day

the above can be found here.

B2ST/BEAST - Shock [RH]
C.N.Blue - Love [RH]
JYJ - Empty [RH]
KARA - Jumping [RH]

the above [RH] sheets can be found here. I'll post up the full version only if I can find them.

That's all for now, more sheets coming your way.


  1. for "here I am" from secret garden drama, is ther a male version for the piano sheet? The octave is off and doesn't go well with a man's voice. i know there are two different versions.

  2. here's the male version

    i mean i could figure out, but it would take a long time. i was hoping to play this at my brother's wedding on the 22nd.
    the ocatave is alot higher, does the version even exist?

  3. 윤상현 sings it. also i may need the male version for that girl from drama "secret garden"

  4. also i need 그남자 from "secret garden" it's under hyun bin.
    so those two songs i was planning to play at my brother's wedding. hope you'll see this soon.

  5. can you post piano sheet for "my darling lime" from secret garden? thanks!

  6. The link to "That Woman" by Baek Ji Young doesn't seem to work and after I clicked,that claimed that there is no such post.
    Thank you:D