Saturday, December 12, 2009

K-Pop [RH] Sheets Collection

Artist: # - G [RH] Piano Sheets
#. 2AM: A Friend's Confession
#. 2NE1: I Don't Care (Reggae Mix Version)
#. 2NE1: Let's Go Party
#. 2NE1: Pretty Boy
#. 4Men: Baby Baby
#. 4minute: Dreams Come True
#. 4minute: Hot Issue
#. After School: Ah
#. B2ST: Bad Girl
#. B2ST: Shock
#. B2ST: Mystery
#. Baek Ji Young: Won't Love
#. Baek Ji Young ft. Taec Yeon (2PM): My Ear's Candy
#. BoA: Hurricane Venus
#. Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra
#. Brown Eyed Girls: How Come
#. C.N.Blue: Love
#. Epik High: Love Love Love
#. f(x): Lachata
#. Fly to the Sky: My Angel
#. FT. Island: I'm Happy
#. G-Dragon: Boy
#. Gavy NJ: Happiness
#. Ga In (BEG): I'm Smiling

Artist: H - O [RH] Piano Sheets
#. Hwanhee: While Doing
#. Hyunah: Change
#. IU: Someday (password: kdwakbo)
#. IU & Na Yoon Kwon: It's First Love
#. Jessica (SNSD) & Onew (SHINee): One Year Later
#. JYJ: Empty
#. KARA: Jumping
#. KARA: Mister
#. KARA: Wanna
#. Kim Tae Woo: Love Rain
#. Kim Tae Woo: Words I'd Want To Say
#. Lee Hyori: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
#. Lee Seung Chul: Can You Hear Me Now
#. Lee Seung Gi: Losing My Mind
#. Lee Seung Gi: Why Leave
#. Lee Seung Gi: You Inside My Memory
#. Lee Soo Young: A Love To Kill
#. MBLAQ: G.O.O.D Luv
#. Miss A: Breathe
#. Monday Kiz: Don't Go
#. Narsha (BEG): Bbiribbabba
#. Orange Caramel: Aing

Artist: P - Z [RH] Piano Sheets
#. Park Hwayobi: Hover Around
#. Park Hwayobi: Such A Thing
#. Park Hyo Shin: After Love
#. Rainbow: A
#. Se7en: Better Together
#. Secret: Madonna
#. SeeYa: Crazy Love Song
#. SeeYa: Hateful
#. SeeYa: His Voice
#. SHINee: Quasimodo
#. SHINee: Ring Ding Dong
#. T-ara: I'm Really Hurt
#. The Trax: Oh! My Goddess
#. V.O.S: Beautiful Life
#. Younha: Alice

Sources:,,, and the respective originators & transcribers


  1. password for IU-someday doesn't work.... could you like fix that?

  2. But it works fine for me. :|

  3. Was wondering if you could get an old song. Se7en - Come back. was one of the first Korean music videos I saw years ago that got me into K-pop. Wanna be able to play and sing to it.

  4. nvm found it on the other page but link doesn't work. so dissappointed

  5. there is this new song called I dont know by Apink (몰라요- 에이핑크)can you put the sheet music?

  6. Can you do SS501's Love ya and Haruman plz?

  7. Seeya: you're gorgeous to me and the last please?

  8. :(( can anyone tell me what is the password for change-hyuna:(( it's for unlock the .pdf

  9. if u dont mind...could u pleze do B2ST'S I'm Sorry..pleze...i luv that song so much...i hope u can do it!!!

  10. I cant find Doojoon and Dongwoon's 'When the door closes' . Pls advise :)

  11. can i request for the moon embraces the sun ost ?
    - Heora (해오라)-moonlight is setting
    - Lyn (린) - Back In Time (시간을 거슬러)


  12. i wanna request
    K.Will - My Heart Is Beating
    thx b4.. ^.^

  13. can I request Jung Yong Hwa- Banmal song please??
    Thanks in advance

  14. quasimodo cannot be downloaded anymore..

  15. Can you do NU"EST Face?

  16. would really like to dl Kim Taewoo's Love Rain, but it's already an invalid file on MF. Can you fix that? Thanks.

  17. can i request a piano sheet or guitar chord of HowL-Miracle ?? and how to download in mediafire? failed :((
    thanks before ^^

  18. could you make piano sheets for longer by chi chi? it would really mean and help alot. thanks! ur awesome, keep up all this hard work

  19. the mediafire linkk for stars before sleeping by yiruma doesn't work... =( thank you for posting! this is the first blog i find with lots of sheets music!! :) fighting!! ^^

  20. aren't there sheet music of korean dramas like heartstrings or spring waltz??

  21. Request: Holding onto gravity by nell, please
    Thank you!!! >.<