Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tutorial (How to Navigate Around This Site)

This is basically a tutorial; a guide on how to navigate your way around this site. It's really not that difficult. The only thing you have to do is read.

1. Refer to (hyper)links provided on the site. "Update(s)" blog entries include those links, for example, this:

OR the ones located on the right column of the site layout, like this one:

2. After clicking on any of the links provided, you'd be directed to another page. For example, you click on K-Pop/K-Drama OST Sheets link, and you'd be directed to these pages:

3. Click on the file that you want to download. You'd be directed to the download page:

         Then click on "click here to start download". It's free-of-charge (F.O.C.)

4. To make a request, you can do it various ways.
Via Email/Twitter, via the ChatBoxes or 'Comment' forms provided at the bottom of all blog entries.

Tada! There you go, I hope this makes it easier for you guys to find your ways around to get to your desired piano sheets :D

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