Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Updates & Video Promotion

K-Pop OST Piano Sheets update(s):
I'm Sorry I Love You
- Main Theme
- Chuh Eum Geu Dae Ro [Jung Jae Wook]
- My Precious Person [Kim Sung Pil]
- Snowflower [Park Hyo Shin]

Lovers In Paris
- Lie
- Moon River
- Can We Love Again [Park Shin Yang]

Prince's First Love
- Main Theme
- If It Was Me [Na Yoon Kwon]
- Nae Ga Dwel Geu Dal Kka Ji [Na Yoon Kwon]
- Since That Day [Sung Si Kyung]

The Legend
- Opening Theme
- Sujini's Theme
- Thousand Years Love Song [DBSK/TVXQ]
- Approval [Jun Suh]

Video Promotion:

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