Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hello, I'm back again and relieved to say that I'm done with the 'International Sheets Collection [# - G]' section. The files, as promised, have been uploaded on another file host PLUS new artists and sheets have also been made available for you guys to get 'em. :D

*Note: When you see '(D.P.)' next to the title of the song, it means 'Direct Printing'.

Of course, not forgetting that the 'Yiruma Sheets Collection' section, has been updated as well, with :
- Mika's Song
- Sometimes, Someone
- The Scenery Begins
- Walk In The Forest
- Ways Going To School

I'll be working on the 'International Sheets Collection [H - O] as soon as I'm done with this message. So stay tuned!

Thank YOU guys for the support. It's very much appreciated.

Regards, Admin(:

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